Sonia is an artist, naturalist, and rock climber raised in the deciduous forests of New England. Growing up on a woodlot, Sonia had ample opportunities to explore and document the natural world around her. She attended Dartmouth College in New Hampshire, where she pursued her B.A. in Biology, with a minor in Studio Art. Additional classes in computer science, animation, and digital art rounded out a full, interdisciplinary undergraduate experience.

Sonia's current portfolio contains professional work in web/graphic design, illustration, and photography. Her artwork has exhibited at galleries in Hanover NH, San Francisco CA, and Seattle WA. She has provided illustrated work for the Connecticut Audubon Society and for an exhibit at the Klondike Gold Rush National Historic Park in Seattle.

Currently, Sonia lives in Seattle and completed the Certificate program in Natural Science Illustration at the University of Washington in June 2017.

Selected Exhibits

  • "Artists of Color Expo & Symposium" — Seattle Center, Seattle WA
  • "Beauty in the Evidence" — Burke Museum, Seattle WA
  • "Homecoming: Bringing Fishers Back to Washington" — Klondike Gold Rush National Historical Park, Seattle WA
  • "Hair" — Stone Way Café, Seattle WA